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Sai is crowdfunding to buy the full Death Index, which they will then publish online, for free, for all. As they say, "It is extremely useful for genealogical and medical research, preventing fraud, etc.

☛ Can you look up a deceased person's Social Security number?

We will make all received information publicly available, for free, both as flat files and through a Google BigQuery database. If we win the litigation, and get a ruling that it has to be made available for free, we will also make our hosted version continuously updated by simply having a regular re-FOIA of the deltas.

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Social Security Death Index (SSDI)

What is it? Containing around 94 million names and vital information of mainly deceased Americans, the SSDI is an extremely large and important data base, especially for geneology enthusiasts.

Older sites:

What sort of details are kept? Middle names were not indexed.

Use first and last names only. What period is covered by these records?

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Most of the birth dates recorded are from the early decades of the last century: to Death dates are mainly from the period to SSDI is a valuable genealogy tool. The SSDI can assist your geneology research by providing data that will help you locate birth certificates and death certificates. This facility allows you to search on any combination of data.