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Is Barack Obama's Birth Certificate Fake?

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Joe Arpaio Still Thinks Obama's Birth Certificate Was Fake

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    Mexico Adoption Laws. New Zealand Links. New Zealand Adoption Laws. Peru Adoption Laws. Philippines Links. South Africa Links. South Korea Links. Switzerland Links. United Kingdom Links. Yugoslavia Links. Search Engine Tester. G'S Total Searches. Loving Memory Of Danna K. An Introduction Of Gary S. California Born page 5 of Her parents were divorced when she was a young child and the courts granted her custody to a maternal aunt who my birth mother identified as her mother figure.

    She had a 28 year old half brother who was married at the time I was born in? When my birth mother figured out she was pregnant she moved to California to live with her Aunt and to protect herself. My birth father was not aware of the pregnange. Her Aunt wanted her to keep me. She felt as though it would be best to be raised by 2 loving and devoted parents. She was raised Catholic and wanted the same for me.

    Adoptive Mothers Maiden Name:? Adoptive Fathers Name: Daniel X. Wolnik Email Address: dirtygrl gmail.