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Are you ready to put this all behind you and start living your best life? High Conflict. Aren't you tired of being the victim? Isn't there a better way to come to an agreement over your legal issues without spending a ton of money on attorneys or letting a Judge decide what is right for you? Estate Planning.

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Are you worried what will happen to your family after you pass away? What will happen if you have a serious accident and cannot make decisions for yourself temporarily or permanently? Do you have a friend or family member who needs a little help or cannot provide for their health and financial needs? Get the legal authority to help make medical and financial decisions for your loved one.

Divorce and Family Law Attorneys in Kansas City, MO

Did your family member fail to complete their estate planning and now you have to go to Court to administer their affairs? It is enough to have to go through the grieving process. Let us take care of the paperwork for you. Traffic Ticket. Are you worried about points on your license?

Are you worried about going to jail? Time to fight for your driver's license is only 15 days! Talk to an attorney fast.

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Then we can work on keeping you out of jail. Our Team.

Law In Kansas City's philosophy centers on providing a mixture of value and results while creating relationships with our clients. This starts the moment we answer the phone or receive an email. Our clients want answers to questions as quickly as possible while keeping their fees down. Our Practices.

Should I get a divorce?

Whether you are married or single, with children or without children, you may be going through a stressful event in your life. This is your case and you are in control of how we proceed. Give your family a precious gift - stop putting off preparing an estate plan. Lauren's passion helps her connect with her clients, negotiate effectively, and reach settlements. Our job is to make sure that your rights are protected, no matter what challenges you may be up against. We believe in educating our clients so that they can fully understand all of the legal options they have available.

Legal issues can be complex. Legal issues with family can be extremely difficult. Our goal is to help you and your family find a peaceful resolution so that you can move forward as quickly and efficiently as possible. From DUI and traffic charges to misdemeanors and felonies, our criminal defense attorneys have the knowledge and experience needed to help you build a strong defense. With medical bills piling up, the road to recovery can quickly become overwhelming.

Our goal is to help you understand what to do immediately following an accident, including tips on finding the right personal injury attorney for your case. Client was charged with a DUI in the municipal court after it was alleged he had wrecked his car while heavily intoxicated. The client was convicted at the municipal level, so we took the case up on appeal and a jury tried it.

We presented an alternate theory involving another party operating the vehicle without the defendant testifying. The defendant was eventually found not guilty of all charges.

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Client was accused of Domestic Battery. The client had retained another lawyer who had tried the case and lost. We filed an appeal and had a jury trial on the matter. After a two-day jury trial, the client was found not guilty of all charges. Client was charged with a failure to register as a sex offender. After confronting the State with this evidence, it dismissed the case at the preliminary hearing.

Client was accused of DUI and convicted at the municipal level. We appealed the conviction to the District Court and set the case for a bench trial. Upon conclusion of the trial, the judge found the client not guilty of the DUI. Client was accused of felony possession after being caught with drugs in his vehicle after a traffic stop.