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In the process, over the last 30 years, we have become the largest and most successful recruitment organization in international education. Every candidate who registers with Search Associates works with a Senior Associate in one of 20 offices around the world--not a team of strangers or some corporate department. Our Associates and Consultants have years of experience in international education and can provide invaluable guidance and individual assistance throughout the job search.

Our candidates have direct access to an Associate and his or her team through email, phone, Skype, and our state-of-the-art website. Search Associates is perceived by the international school community as the leader in our field. We work with more than of the best international schools in over countries around the world Search Associates has 22 Senior Associates with offices around the globe, each bringing a wealth of experience in international education.

Spanning the globe with a personal touch Since , Search Associates assisted over 40, educators find jobs in top international schools. Explore the world outside the classroom You won't be working only in the classroom. Exciting teaching opportunities await you Working in international schools gives you the excitement and challenge of teaching students from around the world. Partnering with Quality International Schools and Exceptional Educators to Serve and Enrich Learning Worldwide Whether you're new to international teaching and looking for an adventure or a seasoned international educator looking for your next position, Search Associates wants to earn your trust.

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